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My First Steps

My first goal in achieving a rational and successful existence is to gain control over my mind so that I may become a more rational being. The erratic emotions that humans have the ability to feel in our daily lives, while at times have purpose and are a necessity, also often times hinder our ability to see reality clearly, and make decisions based on that reality. I want to attain the knowledge to know when separating my emotions is necessary, and how to do so. I believe this ability lies in possessing a more logical outlook on circumstances I find myself in.

Reason requires freedom, self-confidence and self-esteem. It requires the right to think and to act on the guidance of one’s thinking - the right to live by one’s own independent judgement.
For The New Intellect, Ayn Rand. 20-21.
The major share of the guilt belongs to the intellectual: philosophical leadership was his responsibility, which he betrayed and is now deserting under fire.
For The New Intellect, Ayn Rand. 48.

The Beginning

I am afraid of

"the fact that industrial wealth was the product of man’s mind: that an incalculable amount of intellectual power, of creative intelligence, of disciplined energy, of human genius had gone into the creation of industrial fortunes." (For The New Intellectual, Ayn Rand, 38.)

I do not wish to be afraid of this, I want to become a ‘Producer’. I want to document my change so that I might never revert into darkness, altruism, the weakest form of myself. More than anything I want

"to stand on nothing but the merit of [my] ideas and rely on nothing but objective truth” (For The New Intellectual, Ayn Rand, 40).

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